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    November 14, 2021 at 12:58 pm #10949

    “I also applaud SPN yet again for hiring great guest actors. Isaac and Tamara are portrayed excellently and the actor playing Envy is very good as well. I especially love Tamara and find it sad that she never should up again.”

    Absolutely, PNP!! I thought Tamara was a very interesting character and I would’ve loved seeing more of her! It’s a shame we never got to. I go into more detail in my comments on this episode, but if Supernatural had spent more time developing smart, likable (albeit adult) women characters like Tamara and Pamela, I think it would’ve served the show well. Instead, they tried to develop younger female characters to attract a younger audience and they missed the mark (at least for me) with many of them. But then again, I’m not a 15 year old, so I’m clearly the wrong target market.

    Maybe this belongs in another discussion thread, but early on (and arguably until season 7 or 8), Supernatural introduced some amazing older/adult characters like Bobby, Rufus, Crowley, Rowena, Frank, Benny, Pamela, Ellen, Jody, and yes — Tamara. But it feels like later on, most of the newer characters were younger and less compelling. The story emphasis also seemed to turn away from it’s roots and more toward trendier motifs — also aimed at a younger audience. I initially felt a real connection to this show. The story lines were smart, entertaining, and made a lot of sense to me. But by the end it had started to feel like it wasn’t the show for me anymore. Kinda’ sad when I think about it…