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    November 14, 2021 at 1:14 pm #10950

    “I remember the first time I watched this episode that I was PISSED with Dean for seemingly throwing himself to the dogs ahead of schedule. But that part of the episode’s story totally flipped on me once I started rewatching seasons.

    Now I love the seemingly carefree attitude Dean displays here at the beginning. Just living it up and “not sweating the cholesterol”. Even milking the fact that he only has a year every chance he gets. It’s fun to see him cocky and having fun, even though, we (and he) know what’s looming.

    He starts out having well deserved fun but we soon see the deeper fear in Dean. I don’t think he ever regrets the deal he made for Sam, but I do love that he admits later down the road that he really doesn’t want to die.”

    Hiya, PNP 🙂

    I always appreciate how our takes are sometimes so different!

    When I initially saw Dean’s behavior at the beginning of season 3, I was reminded of his behavior in season 2 after John died. In season 2, Dean was overcompensating because he was struggling to keep his “game face” on for Sam. He hid his guilt, fear, and other negative emotions behind a façade. He didn’t actually vocalize that until that conversation with Gordon. To me, Dean’s cavalier attitude in the first few episodes of season 3 seemed to be the same thing. It saddened me. I’m glad the writers didn’t wait too many more episodes to start peeling the layers off of Dean’s true emotions.

    I don’t think Dean regretted saving Sam, but I question whether he regretted the deal he had to make to do it. Maybe he never thought it through all the way until season 3? Or maybe somehow he thought he’d be able to figure a way out? I think when Dean confronts himself in “Dream a little dream of me” we see that one part of Dean was so full of self-loathing and guilt that going to hell seemed worth the price if it meant saving Sam, but the other part of Dean believed that he didn’t deserve to go to hell. I thought it was interesting watching that internal conflict play out as season 3 unfolded.