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    November 25, 2021 at 9:03 pm #11114

    I hate Bela Talbot with the heat of 100 suns, but I give the writers credit for her introduction, which was very well done. I also credit the writers and Lauren Cohan for creating a character I had so much fun hating.

    I liked how they reintroduced Gordon as a threat to Sam.

    I love that Dean was forward-thinking enough to keep John’s cell phones charged and in the car. I also love that Dean made his own sawed-off shotgun when he was a kid, and that John kept Sam’s soccer trophy. That scene also demonstrates, again, how different the brothers’’ lives were. Sam was winning soccer tournaments while Dean was making weapons and hunting.

    I like the way Ben Edlund, who wrote this episode, made John a part of the story without bringing John back. The “lead” for this case sort of came from John via his old cell phone. The booby-trapped storage room is vintage John Winchester. And without saying a word aloud, the audience appreciates that John kept mementos from his sons’ childhoods. I think that was artfully done, and one of the many reasons why Ben Edlund is my favorite writer on Supernatural.

    This episode was a lot of fun! The funniest sequence might be when Sam is alone in a motel room, and the air conditioner suddenly starts smoking and erupts into flames. Sam’s “But, I didn’t even do anything!” expression makes me chuckle.

    I hate Bela for stealing the lottery tickets. SHE didn’t need the money, but the brothers clearly did. Did I forget to mention that I hate Bela?