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    January 29, 2022 at 5:12 pm #12157

    HAHA, ok, I am the opposite on this one from you guys. I always loved this episode and that hasn’t changed in many re-watchings.

    I grew up with these fairy tales – the REAL ones….the ones with murder and mayhem and slaughtered little pigs and cut off toes and poisoned and eaten children…the OG horror stories! Yes, my father read them to us as bedtime stories….haha – stellar parenting, I guess?

    Anyhow, I love real original fairy tales and fables and this episode was a really clever twist on many of those stories. The idea that a sad, poor ghost child finally goes mad or vengeful and lashes out to be heard
    by using the stories her dad read her was really interesting to me.

    I liked the brotherly banter all through out showcasing Sam’s book smarts and Dean’s snark about this “useless” info. Of course, I wish they hadn’t gone the “can you be more gay” route and found a different expression in that moment, but the overall idea that Sam actually knows fairytales and Dean only knows porn versions of the stories was hilarious to me.

    I did feel a little hit over the head with the “let it go” parallel in the story to Sam and Dean’s situation, but I forgive it because I do like everything else about the episode.