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    January 29, 2022 at 6:48 pm #12160

    I watch this episode every year around Christmas Time and sometimes again at some point during the year….just because it’s PERFECT.

    So much to love about this one. Most of all I admire the balance this one has between the unique current case and the deeper insight we gain into the Winchester’s childhood! And we really get a LOT of new info in this one.

    Great lore! What faun detour from Santa to evil Santa to Santa’s shady brother to Pagan Gods. Great costuming with the filthy suit and awesome set design with the gory lair for the “monster”. The way it collects victims and then dismembers them in the basement is truly scary.

    ALL stellar guest actors in this one as well! The pagan god couple has some of the funniest lines and delivers them in such amazing way it really is a treat to watch. I mean….the scene in the kitchen is just phenomenal!

    And I always love the flash back episodes because the fill in gaps and give us yet more appreciation for what the brothers have been through together and how their relationship cemented more and more because of it.

    It’s really sad and touching but also understandable that the Winchesters have such different memories of past Christmases. Another glimpse at young Dean’s desperate mission to keep Sam innocent and protected from the horrors in the world – even if he has to get a little rough and bark at Sam! It seems to me though that once Dean tells Sam about monsters and their dad it’s like a weight is lifted off him a little bit because he is no longer alone in the knowledge. (Really good job by both young actors!) I love how young Dean then tries to soften the blow of a new reality for Sam by stealing gifts for him! Even if they go totally awry, the thought and effort is so so sweet! Of course it’s heartbreaking at the same time that he does all that to cover for John….but I’m sure John tried to get back to them for Christmas (cough cough…crappy move, dad!).

    Finding out where the amulet came from is one of my favorite EVER reveals on the entire run of the show. The care and love that shows from little Sam who clearly understands who is the most important person in his life and the stunned appreciation from Dean and what it means to him is just beautiful!!!

    The shot from young Dean wearing the amulet to the now Dean coming through the door at the end of the episode is so emotional and gorgeously done it always makes me tear up.

    And the repeat show of now adult Sam’s appreciation for Dean by giving him a Christmas (complete with PERFECT wonky tree and gas station gifts) even though Sam finds it really painful is equally lovely.

    As sad as the occasion is in the context of the season and Dean’s impending death…it is a feel good episode for me!

    SPN CHRISTMAS in ALL of it’s forms is just plainly THE BEST!!!