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    April 23, 2022 at 6:37 pm #13145

    OKAY, seeing Dean killed by hellhounds….incredibly painful to watch. Dean waking up in a COFFIN….my absolute real nightmare scenario!!!!! I find the start of this episode very disturbing – the screaming, the panicked panting and scared shitless eyes…and then the tiny space….ugh! At least Sam left Dean the zippo and obviously put him in the cheapest, most flimsy pine box he could make….but when Dean pries the board apart and all the dirt comes pouring in, I get goosebumps and my heart is racing every time!!!

    But, YES, best opening 10 minutes of any episode of TV I have ever watched – then or since! Amazing scenery, beautiful camera angles, perfect acting….few words needed. The immediate mystery that is set up by the blast sight and handprint on Dean’s shoulder and the high pitched noise is masterful. We are elated to have Dean back and immediately worry with him about the WHY and HOW!

    There is SO MUCH packed into this episode! I do think that this is also one of the best first episodes in the entire series to set up a new season and hint at so much that is to come.

    Lot’s to dive into:

    Hello single layer Dean!! Yessss, please.

    LOVE that Dean even after coming back from Hell goes straight for the skin mags!! HAHA

    Bobby is great the way he hangs up on Dean, tests him, sprays him with holy water….all while you can see how badly he WANTS it to be true. It’s very touching to see how much Bobby missed Dean and was messed up by his death by the state he and his house are in.

    Best brother hug EVER. SO intensly happy to have each other back! But also right away sad that they start out being back together with a lie…..Dean about Hell and Sam about Ruby and what he’s been up to.

    LOVE PAMELA! Such fun and sassy character. Hated that she immediately gets hurt, but I do love that she isn’t scared or backing down in that moment and pushing for the truth.
    Question my hubby raised from the side lines: Why didn’t Cas heal Pamela??? Very good question I have no answer for. Maybe even Cas can’t replace organs as the eyes were gone?

    We also immediately get a sense of what Sam has been up to in Dean’s absence in this episode, even if it’s just a small part of it. We see how earnest he is about saving more people by leaning into his abilities and my first sense at first watch was definitely…uh-oh, what has he gotten himself into?

    Best ever new character intro with Castiel! EPIC. And Misha has some of the most beautiful blue eyes!

    And after introducing us to the truth that angels exist we are immediately struck with Dean’s customary lack of self-worth. Watching him not believing that he would be worth saving is absolutely heartbreaking.
    Great scene between Dean and Cas – lots of growling – Dean’s scathing skepticism countered with Cas’ mater of factness is wonderful to watch.

    I ADORE early Cas!!!! So pure and slightly alien and absolutely sure in himself. What great character portrayal by Misha. I am glad that Cas was made into a more important part than initially planned!

    I also very much admire the writing and production of this episode that starts us of feeling joy to have Dean out of hell and elation at getting the brothers back together and ends with a us sensing pending doom! Sam’s in some type of trouble and Dean isn’t just back from hell but has “work” to do?!

    Absolutely marvelous episode I will never get tired watching.


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