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    May 14, 2022 at 5:13 pm #13527

    SOOO FUNNY how almost everyone has longer hair than Dean in this one….sign of the times, of course.
    (Sonny and Cher broke up??)
    LOOOOVE the Back to the Future shot when “Mr. D” comes into the diner and Dean realizes he’s sitting next to dad! And all the other little hints.

    GRRR, Cas! “You have to stop it” “You couldn’t have stopped it”, really? UGH. He really just could have told him what Azazel did instead of torturing Dean with this time travel trip. (However much fun to watch it is for us! 😊) That was some elaborate show and tell all to make Dean suspicious of Sam?

    Glad Dean chose Baby, of course, but there’s nothing wrong with a good ole VW BUS! HEHE
    I always thought they could have WASHED the Impala sitting on the used car lot! She looked so dusty….

    Great introduction to the Mary character! You immediately get the impression she is smart but then to find out she can defend herself too AND is a hunter was a great reveal.

    She has an Aquarian Star on her bracelet. I wonder if the intention to use it later was already in place?

    I LOVE the glimpse we get in this episode on how different it was to hunt anything without modern technology like the internet etc. I expect to see more of that in the new The Winchesters series now. Could be really interesting. Every case would take that much longer to solve with research being this much harder to come by and do! Maybe that makes cases feel more momentous?

    The scene between Dean and Mary is great, both actors in it doing a brilliant job. It’s wonderful to hear how Mary saw John! Both eye-opening and sad for Dean to hear how she wants out and get a normal life without hunting. Heartbreaking for Dean to warn Mary about her death. Very powerful scene.
    I love to hate Samuel, but he is a great character! And very effective here. Mitch plays him perfectly. It’s also funny how he is so gruff and tough but you can still see that he knows the ladies in the house are in charge. LOL. He shuts up every time Deanna cuts in. I wish we would have gotten to know more about her and had more scenes with her but even with as little as she was in it she leaves a clear impression of patience and no-nonsense support.

    Love the moment when YED reveals himself and Dean isn’t scared, just PISSED!

    I do appreciate that Mary at least TRIES to stop John before he proposes and I have to assume that she wanted to tell him about herself.

    Now this episode COULD set up the new Winchesters series, couldn’t it? We leave John and Mary alive and together. Then we don’t see them again until much later. This is 1973. Dean was born 1979. There’s time here to set up a story about them running away to New Orleans. Maybe Mary DOES explain everything to John and they live a few years hunting together before something brings them back to Lawrence and Mary has Dean? That could even help reverse my accusation I always always carry against Mary that she sat knowingly on her ass and did nothing after making a deal with a demon! If the new show shows them actually trying to figure it all out and do some other hunting in the meantime and then later get brain-windexed and placed back in Lawrence….that could add a lot to canon as it exists now.

    Anyhow – great episode – amazing cast, awesome jobs all around!