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    October 26, 2022 at 10:08 am #22494

    I agree pretty much with what journalbookbinder said.
    For me that was the weakest episode so far. I liked the beginning, especially that they do in like in Supernatural, start with the case and then the the Winchesters intro. That give me Supernatural vibes.
    The motw story was solid, but that`s about it.

    I agree Johns desperation about loosing Mary, way too dramatic that early on in the show. I must say the John and Mary relationship is imo the weakest part of the whole storyline. That might be just me, but I find romantic relationships, especially if they happen so early in a story, a bit boring. But I guess that is a matter of taste.But what I think is a problem for all viewers, is the fact that we know what will happen. We know they will get together, we know nothing will happen to them. I think that is a problem.

    It seems to me that they try to focus on the John and Mary relationship, like Supernatural did with Sam and Dean. But there is no comparison, for a number of reasons. What I thought was entertaining in the last episode, they all working together, their dynamic, was missing in this episode, especially Carlos.

    I was glad that they finally found an explanation for Deanna not being around, but it didn’t really work for me. I got a different impression of her in original spn. I know that’s not very progressive, but I took her as someone who is to a certain degree in the hunter’s life, but more being supportive to her hunting family. I know we haven’t seen much of her, but she didn’t seem to me not as a person who separates and goes hunting by herself and not even checking in with her daughter. But I guess we will see where they are going with that.

    What I did like and what gives me a bit hope for the upcoming episodes, was the ending. Didn’t this boy Mary was talking look a lot like John? I’m wondering if that is a coincidence, or if maybe someone or something is trying to mess a bit with John and Mary`s lovestory. I think a little twist would be interesting. So I keep watching and hope for the best. I really wish for the show to succeed.