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    Hi guys! I agree with you both, wanting to love the show and am a long way from giving up, BUT. I don’t feel chemistry between John and Mary, but can see it with Carlos and Lata. Not romance, but they click. Drake is great I think, and I don’t know if I’m not seeing that in Meg, or if it the way in which Mary is written. Yes, monsters and some sets look cheap and amateur. New show budget to blame? I hope so. But Mary is coming across cold I think, even with her friends. Hoping an episode shows her in a better light soon. I also agree John’s sudden ‘can’t live without her’ attitude is too much too soon, especially as I can’t sense a spark between them. I’m hoping Mary actually starts dating cinema guy, maybe he’ll come up short compared to John and that will open her eyes? I think a slow burn is better, and maybe they are aiming for unrequited love on Johns side for the first season?

    I would like to see An all hands on research deck situation too, maybe breaking into multiple libraries (shades of Bobby) time lapsed sort of scene. They can’t always have all the answers at hand in a book they just happen to have in the van!! Show us it took a week to work out, like SPN did at times. There would be bonding moments etc. anyway, hoping it picks up with a bigger budget, but I do love to nitpick, so glad this space is here!