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    I’m glad they FINALLY mentioned Deanna! It makes sense that she’s off hunting. That’s a very tidy explanation. I’ll accept that for now. It’s interesting that the Campbell family didn’t actually hunt “together” as a family like we saw in “In the Beginning”. It sounds like they were each off doing their own thing and that Samuel and Deanna’s marriage was on the rocks. Interesting.

    I like that they’re trying to give us parallels between Supernatural and this show, but some of the parallels are getting heavy handed and boring. Yes, dad is missing. Check. Mary and daddy had a big fight right before he left, and the fight was about leaving the hunting life. Check. The older sibling, who was left alone to watch the younger sibling, feels guilty because something happened that wasn’t his fault. Check. If Mary says something like “If I find dad, I’m not even sure he’ll want to see me.” I think I’ll gag. Side note – I hope they don’t drag out finding Samuel too much longer. It’s starting to feel like that part of the plot is dragging.

    This might sound petty, but this is a safe space, so I’m gonna ask: Is anyone else distracted by Mary’s eyebrows? Aside from Brooke Shields (who wasn’t all that popular until the mid to late 1970s) I don’t recall heavy, dark eyebrows being a fashion thing. Maybe it’s just me, but I find those birds really distracting…

    And the Indiana Jones hat was a little bit over the top. Silly. I appreciate that it was Samuel’s hat, but it was still silly.

    Mary said her parents warded the neighbor’s house. If that’s true, how did the monster get in and take Kerry? Also, why did the monster chose those particular kids and that particular house?

    Unpopular opinion alert: This may sound odd, but I’m glad they showed the little girl alone in the first scene. John repeatedly gets crap from the fandom for leaving the boys alone when he was working. I’ve said repeatedly (until I’m blue in the face) that it wasn’t all that uncommon in the 1970s and even in the 1980s. Heck, I remember being left alone overnight to babysit my toddler cousins when I was 10 and my sister was 12. It was no big deal. I’m sure that today that would be unthinkable, but it’s unfair to judge John’s 1970s parenting skills by today’s standards regarding child care. I really feel this show being sympathetic to John, and I appreciate that. It’s about time.


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