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    November 6, 2022 at 2:54 pm #25633

    What GREAT Season Premier! SO much new info, twists and turns, a few funny bits, exciting fight scenes, awesome one liners and real tough truths. It is so packed with action and story it feels much longer than the 42 minutes, in a good way.

    Few questions that popped into my brain this time around:
    – Sam and Dean get whisked away from the convent when Lucifer is already rising and the bright column of light is in full swing but they are put on the plane (by God?) seemingly BEFORE that actually happens. Then they see the column of light exploding and the plane apparently goes down? A little bad planning by God, don’t you think? LOL
    – Dean says when he uses the Angel banishing sigil that it’s something Cas taught them but wasn’t it Ana who introduces the method to them?
    – Meg smokes out of her meatsuit after the fight in the hotel. How does she use the same meatsuit in later episodes?
    – What happened to the all demon meatsuits in the storage unit? Did Sam and Dean dispose of them?

    I love Dean’s defiance all through out and his sarcastic come backs but it is also very clear that it’s his usual way of not dealing at all with his actual feelings and simply deflecting it all until he absolutely can’t anymore. That makes the conversation at the end of the episode SO impactful. You don’t see it coming. You expect Dean to keep suppressing it and move on, happy to have Sam back at all. But then to hear from him HOW DEEPLY hurt and disappointed he actually was and that he doesn’t feel he can trust Sam anymore, slices both Sam and the audience to the bone. It’s so heartbreaking on BOTH their parts. And we know that the words stick with Sam throughout the years, judging by his despair in the season 8 finale where he worries about letting Dean down yet again. To me this is one of THE toughest but also most honest conversations they have in 15 seasons.

    And as hard as it is to watch Sam NEEDED to be told this! Not just by Dean, but also by Demon-Bobby. Even if Bobby says later it was the demon talking and he didn’t mean it I think SAM HEARD and took the criticism to heart about not listening, being arrogant and behaving stupidly while under Ruby’s influence.

    It was a really nice story twist to make Bobby of all people be so harsh to Sam at the beginning when Sam tries to explain himself and apologize!! I remember thinking from the start that something was odd there because it was also Bobby who had admonished Dean for giving up on Sam at the end of Season 4!! But it was still a shock seeing Bobby’s eyes turn black.

    The scenes with Nick are all nicely creepy and paint a good picture of why he would be susceptible to Lucifer’s gentle persuasion.

    I always thought it was a very interesting choice to show how cruel and conniving Zachariah is in his attempt to get his way with Dean and how on the opposite side Lucifer is kind and honest to finagle his way into Nick!! (Also Kurt Fuller just ROCKS this role and is so wonderful to watch in it!!)

    I was glad to see some real imposing presence from Cas here. He is decisive and a little scary and kicks some ass (BRAVO for some good editing making Misha look very capable as a fighter! LOL).

    Poor Sam gets hit in the head a lot in this episode, first with a toilet plunger by Chuck and then with a telephone by Meg, plus kicked in the jewels! OUCH! But there are a lot of great fight scenes in this episode.

    I remember when first watching it that I hated Becky’s character because she was so clearly meant to represent the fandom and in SUCH awfully cringy way. I felt made fun off and discounted and insulted because in my limited experience then I thought this is NOT how fans are!!! WELL….NOW I find her much funnier. I don’t feel represented by her anymore and therefor not attacked, BUT I also know that fans like her DO exist and that there unfortunately is a cringeworthy part of the fandom. And that has nothing to do with fan fiction or anything else people like to express themselves through, but only with the way some fans choose to behave withing the fandom community and go about communicating through social media to and about the actors etc. I can watch it from afar and find some of it funny and some of it horrendous, but I don’t feel part of THAT section of our fandom. Therefore now, I can fully enjoy Becky’s excitement about meeting her idol (Chuck) and then her fantasy (Sam) and her comments about it all.

    This episode hits a 9 out of 10 for me. One point deduction just because I hate seeing the boys at odds.