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    November 9, 2022 at 4:48 pm #26402

    The devil coming up through the floor is one of my FAVORITE visual/special effects from the whole series! It is SO cool! It was so much fun to watch it again.

    Hubby and I tried to find that staircase next to the seedy motel when we were in Vancouver. I wanted to have a picture coming down the same stairs Sam used because it’s such an iconic shot. The good news is that area used to be a run-down part of town near the waterfront; but it has benefited from urban renewal, so it’s an upscale waterfront area now with cafés and shops. The bad news is that the old-style hotel and that stairway are both gone. Sigh…no picture for me.

    I LOVE Bobby in this one. Okay, I love Bobby all the time, but he had some special moments in this one. I love that he was willing to sacrifice himself to save Dean. And I recall being totally surprised when it was revealed that Bobby was possessed. The way he got in Dean’s face in “Lucifer Rising” (love that scene, by the way – although I was kind of on Dean’s side; his reactions to Bobby’s rant were spot-on), I assumed he was “our” Bobby giving Sam a similar dose of reality; although the “lose my number” bit came off a bit harsh. It’s good that it wasn’t the “real” Bobby talking, but it played very well at the time.

    Speaking of Bobby being possessed, I’m surprised he didn’t have an anti-possession charm or tattoo, considering he gave charms to the brothers way back in season 1.

    We had some great character introductions in this episode! I know we met Kurt Fuller in season 4, but he has a much larger and more pivotal role in season 5, so we really get to see who he is. I really like him as Zachariah, even though I don’t like the character at all. He’s really fun to hate 😊. Rachel Miner as Meg is a welcome breath of fresh air! And I felt so sorry for Nick! He was already so broken and vulnerable inside. He was (unfortunately) the perfect victim to be deceived by Lucifer. Does anyone know if the show ever explored the comment Lucifer made about how Nick’s blood was special and how he was a special vessel? I’ve always been curious about that comment. Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about Mark Pellegrino in this role. The show was SO lucky to cast him as Luci. He knocks it out of the park in EVERY scene he’s in. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

    I don’t have much negativity about this episode, except that I despise creepy Becky with the heat of a thousand souls. She’s disgusting from day one, and not in a good or funny way.

    I really don’t like Genevieve’s Ruby, so I enjoyed watching her get stabbed again in the recap. Sorry, not sorry…

    I liked Chuck as a character and despise what Dabb did to him in later seasons. It’s fun watching him be the hermit prophet again. I miss nice-Chuck 🙁