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    Hey, PNP 🙂

    I enjoyed the fight scenes in this one, too! I miss badass Castiel in the later seasons. We see glimpses of him, but nothing like in the earlier seasons.

    You ask some great questions. The way these boys leave dead bodies in motel rooms and other places, it’s a wonder the show never addresses it in more detail. I guess we’re supposed to assume that the boys got rid of the bodies, or the demons circled back and cleaned up their own dead. I guess Meg could’ve inhabited another nearby meatsuit long enough to come back and retrieve her own?

    You make some good points about Becky, but I never identified with her or ever saw her as anything other than a cringe-worthy representation of the lunatic-fringe of our fandom. She’s like a septic tank — I know she’s there (and that people like her are out there) I just prefer not to spend much time thinking about it. And yes — she’s just as disgusting.