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    November 5, 2020 at 9:36 pm #3257

    “Cas’ speech to Dean – beautiful. This episode was originally called The Truth and they should have left it that way. Cas told Dean exactly what we’ve always known about him – about who he really is – about why we all love him. And Cas’ perfect moment of happiness was telling Dean that truth? I wish Dean had had more reaction. Such an abrupt end to our Cas though!!!”

    Yes, that scene was beautiful. Acknowledging his admiration for Dean – recognition that Dean would NEVER realize or admit on his own — was very moving. It makes sense that Castiel’s true happiness is sharing that part of his “soul” with his best friend. I’m very sad Cas is gone (I hope we’ll at least see a cameo later to let us know he’s okay), but I respect the sendoff he was given. To your point, it felt like Dean did have some lines that maybe got edited out? There were a few times the camera cut to him and I expected more than his stunned expression. Not that his stunned expression and man tears weren’t amazing acting, but there were a few times I expected more.

    “But the rest of this episode – What. The. Hell?!?!?! Slow. Weird. Disjointed. Not good.”
    Yes! The rest of the episode was weird and clunky.