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    November 5, 2020 at 9:41 pm #3260

    “Kate – I’ve never seen an Avengers movie. What’d they steal?”

    Hey, JBB —
    I’m not all that familiar with them either (hubby drags me to them sometimes), but there’s one evil character who snapped his fingers and suddenly made people all over the world disappear in puffs of smoke, like the characters did in this episode. It was sort of like a rapture — people who were standing right next to you were suddenly just gone.
    In the movie, some of the main superheroes also disappeared. I was kinda hoping Jack would vaporize, but he didn’t LOL!

    I’m sure the next episode will reverse most if not all of the disappearances. That’s what happened in the movie, anyway.

    It’s just SOOOOO annoying because these writers are obviously catering to adolescent destiel-ers who were likely overjoyed by what we saw tonight.


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