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    November 5, 2020 at 10:38 pm #3273

    WOW…..that was….BAD!


    I am in complete agreement with you guys. HEY, at least THAT is good, right?

    Misha was LOVELY in this episode!! All scenes with him were highly worth watching and his deeply heartfelt last scene with Dean was exactly what I had hoped for for the character if he had to go!!! I also thought we saw some of MISHA bleeding through Cas’ performance, the slightly higher voice, the deep emotion, which was very meta.

    YES, kate38, Destiel people will forever feel vindicated by this…..sorry, but….I could’ve done without that!!! They tend to be quite rabid about their preference in shipping and I STILL don’t see it as romantic. It’s BROTHER-FRIEND love to me between them, that’s it. But, whatever. Maybe the writers meant this as a concession for fans? I don’t know.

    But aside from that, I am glad that Cas got a worthy send off and I quite liked the way he figured out what true happiness is because I agree wholeheartedly that it’s in the giving not the taking. And I also loved that he told Dean what we all knew for 15 years – that Dean is the most deeply caring and loving person on this earth.

    OTHER than that……I found the episode sadly anticlimactic and at the same time artificially dramatic.

    I would have liked a little more than (beautiful, heart-breaking) tears from Dean in that last scene with Cas, but I can accept that Dean was stunned and out of ideas. Still they could’ve given him a couple of lines (or shouldn’t have cut them if they were there)

    I thought that the bloody handprint on Dean’s shoulder when Cas tossed him out of the way was unnecessary! Yes, we all know that Cas saved Dean initially from hell, we have not forgotten! That was a little too on the nose for me and not logical, because where is the blood coming from??

    I don’t buy that Billie all of a sudden has such strong feelings against all “out of order” events and especially against Dean. That comes kinda out of nowhere for me and makes her seem small and weak to me. I love Lisa Berry, but the original DEATH was so great because he DIDN’T really care, because humanity was too beneath him. Having Billie Death take it all so personally is odd!

    I am mostly mad at the lame ruse to try and make of us think that Billie was starting to wipe the board clean of people who had been saved or resurrected and then turn the table last moment and make that CHUCK’S doing, because I truly hated that they killed Charlie AGAIN and Eileen AGAIN and Bobby AGAIN….AND then DARED to also kill Donna???
    That was SO horribly useless and immensely irritating that I couldn’t even find it sad or emotionally taxing. It was just gratuitous drama for no good purpose!

    IF Sam and Dean die at the end I really wanted some of the others (like Donna, Bobby and Charlie) to still be alive and carry on the Winchester’s memory. And if Sam and Dean don’t die than there is literally almost no one left on earth who they care about.
    THAT is too dark even for our show.

    ALSO I have a big problem with Dean and Sam splitting up there in the middle of the episode ESPECIALLY as they suspect that either one of them could disappear at any moment. I don’t see that happening!!
    And I LOOOOOVE Bro hugs!!! I do!!! But that one was a total waste for me and seemed to be put there just because the writers thought there needed to be one for the fans. There wasn’t enough feeling behind it. I never thought I would ever say that. UGH.

    I also had hoped that there would be more of an explanation about last week’s moment of Dean pulling the gun on Sam!!! OK, they talked and Dean apologized, but he still said that he needed Chuck dead and couldn’t snap out of it, which sounds to me too much like it was DEAN who was out of control of his own actions because of his hate for Chuck in that moment and not because Chuck was controlling his story. IF that is what the writers intended….they are CRAZY! Dean would never ever pull a gun on Sam and cock it in blind rage. That is just not him. (Especially if the writers argue in the next episode that Dean is the most caring person in the world….). Anyhow, I will keep imagining that it was Chuck’s doing….just to make it palatable to me.

    Lastly, I know Dean was so devastated at the end of the episode, but it made me scream at the TV that he would ignore a call from Sam right there!!!! He must realize that not answering might make Sam think he disappeared!!! With everything going on, I NEED the Winchesters to be on the same page and focused on each other here at the end, NOT behaving like they have all the time in the world or don’t care!

    Now that Billie is dead or dying…..who will be the next Death? Could it be Cas? I know he is not a reaper, but he is an angel and didn’t we find out that reapers are angels?
    (My husband thinks DEAN should be the next Death. HA! I told him he cares too much, that’ll never work)

    Billie said that Jack is still useful. For what? He has no powers. Could HE become the next Death? He is half (arch)angel afterall…..and he made that plant in the silo die by touching it and seemed surprised about it.

    I am guessing they will still need a “Death” in order to defeat Chuck? Or at least to reap him.

    What a disappointment for the second to last episode of the mythological arc in the last season……it left me feeling empty and underappreciated as a fan.

    It hurts my heart to say it, but I expected soooo much more.


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