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    November 5, 2020 at 11:00 pm #3280

    “I’m not all that familiar with them either (hubby drags me to them sometimes), but there’s one evil character who snapped his fingers and suddenly made people all over the world disappear in puffs of smoke, like the characters did in this episode. It was sort of like a rapture — people who were standing right next to you were suddenly just gone.
    In the movie, some of the main superheroes also disappeared. I was kinda hoping Jack would vaporize, but he didn’t LOL!”

    OK – I hate to disagree with you, but that was THANOS, the big “bad” in the Avengers movies BUT I don’t see it as a good parallel! (SORRY, prepare to be geeked!)
    For one, THANOS was doing it because he wanted to SAVE an overpopulated and doomed to die universe and therefore “culled” 50% of the population to make room for the rest to live. He actually thought he did the Universe a favor and he wasn’t choosing who would die and who would live. It was a completely random 50% of the inhabitant of the world.
    CHUCK does it out of boredom and spite!

    Second, THANOS has to sacrifice his own daughter’s live to gather enough strength to make this happen and (in his view) save the world.
    CHUCK didn’t sacrifice anything – well maybe his sister, but he didn’t seem at all broken up about that.

    SO, although I can see the pure visual parallel, I don’t see it as a good story comparison. If the writers meant it as such…they failed 100%

    This episode “flaking away” was just odd! Too random to be meant as lesson for the Winchesters and too specific to mean that he doesn’t care.


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