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    November 5, 2020 at 11:03 pm #3283

    “I am mostly mad at the lame ruse to try and make of us think that Billie was starting to wipe the board clean of people who had been saved or resurrected and then turn the table last moment and make that CHUCK’S doing, because I truly hated that they killed Charlie AGAIN and Eileen AGAIN and Bobby AGAIN….AND then DARED to also kill Donna???
    That was SO horribly useless and immensely irritating that I couldn’t even find it sad or emotionally taxing. It was just gratuitous drama for no good purpose!”

    It was a slaughterhouse tonight, wasn’t it? I think earlier this season, Dabb said “If you liked GOT, brace yourself” or something along those lines. I never watched GOT, but I’ve heard people say that a bunch of important characters died near the end.

    I personally think these (LAZY, LAZY) writers are stealing from the Avengers and GOT. If that’s true, didn’t many of the people who got vaporized in Avengers return? So, I think the Boys are gonna make a deal with Chuck. The brothers will agree to die if Chuck will agree to bring everybody else back — something like that. At this point, I’m not sure I even care anymore. Maybe I’m just numb because of Cas…sigh…

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