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    “Hey Kate38, I am VERY SORRY you are hurting for Cas!!!!!!

    But at least he had a worth AND happy end!!

    I am not so sure we’ll get this for the Boys!! And you KNOW I have clung on to positive thinking til the end. I think I am finally running on empty.


    Thanks for the love, PNP.

    Yes, Cas had a very appropriate and oddly “happy” ending. But I find myself wondering if it’s truly permanent.
    I’m okay if that sounds delusional, but it’s not like the Empty is still “that place nobody returns from” any longer. It hasn’t been that for a long time. Cas and Billie got sucked in at the same time, so anything is possible. Could Cas make a deal with Death? And I’m guessing we’re supposed to forget about that scene (Destiny’s Child) when Cas agreed to help Ruby escape the Empty in exchange for information about the Occultum? Can they both escape somehow? I don’t know — maybe I’m in denial, but I just get the feeling this isn’t the end of Cas.