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    November 5, 2020 at 11:51 pm #3293

    “Yes! Leave Billie and the stupid Empty out of it! God and Amara are plenty to deal with!!!! This side story is not an interesting twist! It’s distracting from what could be amazing!”

    I agree. In their attempt to make the plot complicated and interesting enough to keep us guessing, they’ve made it too convoluted: “Chuck is trying to make us kill each other. Nope – scratch that. We have to kill Chuck with this leviathan blossom thingy before he destroys other worlds. Nope — No can do. It’ll cause monster apocalypse. Okay then, Jack is back and he’s gonna kill Chuck? Wait — no, Jack turns himself into a bomb. Good thing Billie is on our side. But wait — no she isn’t. Billie wants to be god, so she’s gonna kill us. Nope — she’s pissed and just wants to kill Dean. Oops — wrong again. Billie is angry now and is killing all our friends? Nope — it’s Chuck again, and he’s killing everybody on the planet except for you three and a really cute dog.” Sigh…

    I think by default the final episodes will have to be simpler just because there’s nobody else left to fight or kill.