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    I posted a comment regarding the Avengers last night, but it doesn’t show!!! Could you have a look and see if you find it?!

    The short of it was that I don’t see the parallel at all other than the fact that a powerful being destroyed the universe and the visual effect of how it was done.

    In the Avengers the big bad was Thanos. But he did what he did because he wanted to SAVE the Universe. He felt that it was overpopulated and wealth unfairly distributed so his solution was to cull 50% of all life to give the other 50% a fair chance at rebuilding.
    Yes, INSANE, but it came from a place of good intention.
    Chuck just wants to destroy Legoland because his creation bores him.

    Also, Thanos had to sacrifice his own daughter to gather the necessary strength (in form of an Infinity stone) to set his plan in motion.
    Chuck isn’t doing that either….no sacrifice, just petulance.

    And Thanos’ 50/50 solution was totally random, he had no power to decide who stayed and who went whereas Chuck seems very directional in his actions to who disappears first.

    And on the GOT comparison….yes, tons of main characters died during the run of the show and often surprisingly so or at a completely unexpected time, but it never felt to me that it was done purely to shock or piss off the fans. It was more to keep the story grounded in a reality of ANYONE can die here….and no one comes back.

    So, I don’t see the parallels.


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