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    November 6, 2020 at 7:25 am #3298

    And speaking of parallels:
    I think they tried WAY too hard to beat us over the head last night how both Sam and Dean lost a very important person in their lives!!!

    I for one didn’t mind the Sam/Eileen connection as I thought it was a good pairing that could actually work in their world, BUT I think it came too late in the show. At this time it only distracts from what I wanted to see in the ens of our show – FOCUS on Sam and Dean.

    And to set Eileen’s disappearance and Sam’s consequent sadness over that against the loss of CAS diminished that latter one for me a little.

    Castiel has been their ally, friend, frenemy, support, brother with all the good and bad that comes with for TWELVE years!!!! He is important to BOTH brothers. His loss will devastate both of them. It should have stood on his own.

    I didn’t want a parallel to a love interest on Sam’s side here.

    Although I loved Jared’s work and lines in that scene where he finds out she’s gone.