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    “Hey! I think part of Dean’s stillness may have been discomfort. It was an awkward scene. Poised at the brink of death, Castiel has just informed Dean of a deal that may save them…him. Then launches into a seemingly irrelevant monologue about Dean’s humanity.Had I not known about the nature of the deal, i wouldn’t have understood what Castiel was saying or why he is saying it, now.”

    Hey, Shannon!
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    You make some excellent points about Dean and Cas in that scene. Dean must have felt completely confused and blindsided by that whole thing. You’re right that Dean had no idea about Castiel’s deal until that very second. And in the seconds leading up to that announcement, Dean was probably trying to figure out why Cas was saying the things he was saying. His only response was “What are you talking about, Man?” He was clearly CLUELESS about where Cas was going (which shoots the whole Destiel thing in the foot — even if I believed in it, which I don’t). The fans were wondering if the pronouncements were romantic or not, and I suspect maybe Dean was, too. Then, before he has a moment to sort out anything — BAM! — it’s all over and Cas is gone. Dean had plenty of reason to be confused and fractured at that moment.

    Here’s the question of the day — do you think he would’ve answered the phone right away?


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