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    Hey! Of course Dean would have answered the phone right away. I’m somewhat non-plussed by many of the self-absorbed ways Dean is being posed of late. The World is act risk. Belay the need to pull of gun on Sam or grieve over Castiel and answer the damn phone. I think this episode was largely focused on Castiel’s departure. Therefore, everything is focused on that, as well as Cas’ sentiments. Ergo, time stops while Dean suffers a lost friend. I’m taking my time going around the barn here, sorry. Ot would seem that the writers believe that now cannon unrequited love from both Berens&Misha is far more important than answering the phone while people are disappearing. They cannot juggle two ideas at the same time. Unrequited love? No. What Castiel has wanted for ages in to be human. He “prefers humans to angels.” But through Dean he vicariously experienced what it is to be human. And with that he can express the ultimate human emotion. To love.
    Now. Answer the damn phone Dean.