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    November 12, 2020 at 10:09 pm #3400

    Hi Y’all,

    hhhmmm, I didn’t think it sucked, but I would have liked a straighter approach to the storyline better.

    For example (Sorry, kate, but) I absolutely didn’t need or want Lucifer back. That overcomplicated the limited time we had tonight and sidetracked us for no good purpose. I am sure they could have come up with another way to get archangel power for Jack than in the “battle” between Lucifer and Michael – which btw wasn’t a battle to me and pretty lame. (I agree kate that Lucifer shouldn’t have been able to kill Death with a snap of his fingers!)

    I agree, kate, I was VERY happy they let the “Destiel or not-Destiel” thing lie and left it at what happened last week without further analysis.

    I did not like the lack luster reunion of the brothers!!! I REALLY needed a tight bro hug there. And with as close as they were sitting otherwise, I can believe that was a covid measure?

    All in all I felt a little detached from the episode. I found parts interesting and parts unnecessary, but none of it caused very deep emotion in me.

    I was MOST upset when Sam and Dean got beaten so badly by Chuck in the end!!! But then I loved the idea that they willingly sacrificed getting hurt to buy Jack time to absorb more power. That made the whole thing hero worthy.

    Jack as new creator/god….well…..NOT my favorite choice. I don’t think he has enough gravitas, experience or common sense to be God. HOWEVER, I do like that Amara is part of him now and they are in harmony!!! I can believe that THAT might balance out some of his shortcomings.
    I would have liked it better, if AMARA would have become the new light and maybe keep Chuck with her for balance. But then I do think also that Chuck as God was too far gone to be redeemed in this storyline!!

    I’m glad the Winchesters left him alive, but powerless. Living out his own life without power over others or their story seems a fitting ending to his recent shenanigans. I didn’t mind God as villain of this piece, but now I really hope that was IT for Chuck!

    I’m also happy that the Michael/Adam story found a resolution, but I would have liked to keep him on the “plus” column and have the Winchesters find a different way to trick God to come into the trap. Oh well, maybe the idea here is that ALL OG power players were wiped from the map and Winchesters are truly free of any old hang ups?

    They could have really left the montage out at the end….I didn’t need that. And WHY “Running on Empty” at that moment they were recharged and happy for the first time in a long time.

    I was kinda on the camp “blaze of glory”, but I have to say, I am quite glad that the bothers are still alive so far AND it’s JUST THEM (and Baby) again at the end!

    – the sets like the gas station! So much work for so little screen time!
    – the FBBC beer at the bar tap
    – the bunker NOT blowing up