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    November 12, 2020 at 10:49 pm #3406

    “I agree with you that if we are to believe that Jack makes a good next God, they should have come up with a more specific way to absorb energy.

    I know they were trying to allude that Jack is evil or deadly or out of control but it felt lazy and clumsy on the writers part.

    They could have made Jack to go the woods somewhere and suck a patch of land dry. Or make it seem more intentional on the planter part.

    WHEN did they figure out that Jack was a power hoover? Dean states it so matter of factly. Did I miss where he got that understanding from?

    ALSO – I did not like that they made Dean so adamant about Jack not being family etc just a couple of episodes ago, but now be all invested in him again. I really wish they would have kept it more even on the throughline.


    All good points, PNP!
    And we’ve had more than our share of Dean whiplash this season. Jack isn’t family, but two episodes later, his name is carved into the table at the bunker? Dean wants to kill Amara? Wait, no he doesn’t. He tells her that he’d never hurt and they end up asking for her help. Dean was also angry with Cas for WAY too long at the start of this season. And do we even need to mention Dean pulling a gun on Sam? I’ve said it before — it feels like the writers don’t like Dean very much this season, and they don’t seem to understand who this character is at all.