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    Thank you, Shannon, your points are all very interesting and well argued.

    My criticism is often that things are not explained enough. I can accept or at least respect the writers decisions, if I would understand some of their reasoning and I am left wondering more often than not in this season.

    I, for one, don’t mind GOD to be the villain as I said before. Maybe that is because I am not a Christian and don’t believe in the Christian version of God to begin with. The show has always handled Judeo-Christian mythology in unusual and fun ways imho so the idea of him being a very involved and often misled writer of the world’s story was fresh and interesting to me.

    I do agree with you on the doubt if a three year old toddler is a good alternative to the original God but I do love the message that they were apparently trying to convey that people should believe that the divine lives within each of us and that we can all access that and be better when we strive to. That it doesn’t take direct intervention from the higher being you chose to believe in to be the best you can be. So maybe a good hearted, curious, kind YOUNG being with a wonder about the world is better than a jaded, angry, vengeful OLD one?

    To be honest I had really hoped that the combination of Amara and God would have resulted in a role reversal with Amara becoming the light and creative force and God the dark and destructive one. THAT would have made most sense for me and fit into this season’s arc better. They were signs that Amara’s essence was changing when her touch didn’t kill the flower she held for example.

    ALAS the writers chose another path. Was it just because Jack/Alex are popular with the younger demographic that is clearly targeted nowadays? Probably. I guess many of the season 15 decisions were based on a possible continuation of the story via a movie or later miniseries? We most likely will never find out.

    Sadly, to me, it doesn’t feel EPIC enough of an end for our core characters…..but then….we have one more episode to go.