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    Another thought on the end of yesterday’s episode:
    I’m fine with Sam and Dean deciding that they want to do a vacation or loooong road trip and leave all of their old live behind for a while. They deserve it so very much. BUT I sure hope we will get more of an official good bye to the BUNKER!!! If they are not coming back to it for us to see before the end, I very much want there to be a little montage of them packing up and putting the bunker in order and maybe leaving a note for whoever finds it next. An official locking up and handing over the key to the next generation or SOMETHING!

    I didn’t have the feeling that Sam and Dean were not planning to stay there for a while longer…..so there is still hope.

    The show creators and all actors were much too proud of and in love with that set to let it go without a little fanfare, right?

    It’s been their HOME, their fortress, their source of knowledge…..we need a good send of for the bunker.