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    November 13, 2020 at 8:47 am #3419

    I won’t deny that part of my problem with God being the villain is perhaps that of spirituality, though that would not necessarily be religion. It is if the show is going to introduce a being that has existed since the dawn of time and space, that being should not have the character traits of a moody teenager or a petulant child. A considering Supernatural never wavered from that being creating this beautiful and intricate world and conceived of a moral soul, it does not seem consistent with evil. How does a being that creates complex beauty and a soul for guidance, remorse and compassion have none of these attributes. As Chuck was retconned into an egotistical psychopath, he seems to be the antithesis of soul and beauty. These are just some of the absurd illogical contradictions that Dabb and his chapped assed monkeys presented.Perhaps an audience of binge watching 13 year olds or perpetually disastified adults can also accept this childishly hateful inconsistency, but I can not.
    I am also not oblivious to an obvious ax being grinded. Dabb wanted God dead at the end of season 11. He was denied by the CW president. He was also denied a spinoff by the CW president and I quote, “their will never be a spinoff from Supernatural, as people watch this world for Sam and Dean.” Forcing Sam and Dean into supporting roles in their own show, with agency and heroism supplanted by a cute child is as close to a spinoff as I can imagine.Resentful of the their creator, Eric Kripke, Dabb imposes that hatred onto Chuck and replaces him with Jack who represents Dabb.

    This season has been a comic book lacking vision, depth and intelligence, with characters that are caricatures of themselves. No growth, save Jack, and only minimally, as everyone mostly sat around waiting for someone to tell them when and what to do with respect to an over the top mustache twirling villain. I resent the hell out this season, and see absolutely no merit in it or whatever asinine message to whatever infantile audience they were targeting. It was a single minded vendetta to destroy what someone else created and replace it with his own lazy, hateful plagiarized version of a far better story.