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    November 13, 2020 at 9:23 am #3422

    “A child running creation is better than an abusive adult? As long as the child is under the auspices of a dark destructive force, then everything should be okay? Why does this strike me as something sinister? Why was Chuck retconned to be hateful. Why does the dark destructive force who sucked out souls appear so kindly, old lady and the gingerbread house kindly? Jack’s 3 years old. There is no one who hasn’t manipulated him. Maybe it is the mother side of me that finds this resolution creepy.”

    I agree with all of this! Everybody gets a redemption arc or at least some character growth except for God???? Amara went from being a dark, destructive force to pleading on humanity’s behalf last week (much like Metatron did at the end of his redemption arc). Jack (if you swallow his story with a spoonful of honey) went from being a naïve toddler to being god himself? It’s stupid character growth, but at least it’s character growth. The same writers chose to leave Chuck in the toilet as a character — no growth, no redemption, no depth to his story, no nothing. Somebody in the writers room must really hate god.