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    November 13, 2020 at 7:02 pm #3431

    Thank you, Kate. In total, the Dabb seasons have not been well received. I assume that many, who have been watching for years, have departed. I was rather surprised that they final season did not rally them back for nostalgia or curiosity. Most adults have actual TVs and watch live, if interested. Nonetheless, the marketable numbers have plummeted over these last few years and dramatically this season. It would be largely the Twitter and other social media children who adore Jack, Harry Potter Slytherin House magic, and comic books who loudly proclaim this to be the best season evaaaaa! Characters that are more complex than a distorted facial expression and a few overly dramatic words or boring exposition and redundancy that fit in a balloon are all they can process. Character motivation and story development with sincere carefully crafted explanations are dumped in favor of “feels” and over simplification.

    No doubt an anti-theist motif; and if we are honest, angels are dicks was prevalent enough in the early years. It simply went too far with the cheap meta characterization. I genuinely believe that Chuck was Kripke. Dabb resentful of his acclaim and many harkening back to the glory days, coupled with Dabb’s failed spinoffs motivated this despicable character assasination. They didn’t bother with a legitimate explanation, because there wasn’t one.