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Well, my expectations were pretty low, but this episode still managed to not meet them.

The retrospective was nice, but didn’t really give me anything unexpected. It was nice to see Mark Sheppard again.

I liked the little Easter eggs and nods to earlier seasons. By the way, was that Bob Singer in the background when Dean got the pie in the face? It looked like Bob Singer, and he directed this episode. ?

Dean’s death scene was perfectly heartbreaking and perfectly executed. One of the best scenes in the entire series. However, are we to believe that the guy who has faced and defeated cosmic forces was killed by a simple vampire? That seemed cheap, like they needed to kill him, but didn’t have any good ideas.

Bobby said that Cas helped change heaven. Does that mean Cas is in heaven? I can’t see how Cas could make any changes from the Empty.

Other than that, I didn’t like this ending at all. I’m guessing Dean’s heaven montage was originally supposed to include reunions with his parents, Rufus, and the rest of the crew at the Roadhouse, but because of COVID, they just had Dean driving along heaven’s back roads while Sam continued hunting on Earth for 50 years or so?

Although Sam got a “life” it seemed hollow — like he was never truly happy and spent decades faking having a life and a family. I guess the writers went back to that time when Sam said he wanted a normal life. So they thought it was okay to force Sam to live a whole life away from Dean and away from hunting. But it just felt hollow and empty to me. They were going for a level of sadness these characters didn’t deserve.

I’m disappointed in so many things about this finale, but I’m grateful that I still have 14 ½ seasons to enjoy. I think these characters deserved a better ending.


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