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    Hi, Shannon —

    All you said is very true.

    I hate that Dean died so much earlier than Sam, and that he was killed by stunt vamp #3. Dean Winchester deserved a better, more majestic death if that’s what they were going for.

    I hate that Sam spent MOST OF HIS LIFE (at least his final 40 years) going through the motions of “living” and pretending to have a normal family, but never really having true happiness. In that scene when Sam is sitting in the car, I thought he was going to kill himself. He clearly never stopped being miserable and pining for his brother.

    As you said, the Sam from earlier seasons wanted a “normal life”, and ran away from hunting every chance he got. But by season 12, Sam was saying that hunting was his life and he loved it. Apparently NOT! He went on one hunt and then abandoned it? This finale erased all that character growth.

    I hate that the Winchester brothers didn’t leave a palpable legacy. Their initials are carved into a table
    in a room that nobody will ever see. All their knowledge, their journal, John’s journal — all that information died with Dean, since Sam walked away and didn’t do anything with it. What a waste. There was no indication that Sam ever even told his wife and son who he truly was. He didn’t pass his legacy on to anybody. What a waste of everything he’d learned over his years of hunting!