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    November 20, 2020 at 7:58 pm #3518

    Hi Y’All,
    pardon the delay….I needed a little while and a second watch to organize my feelings.

    Secondly, please forgive me for NOT reading everyone’s comments before unloading my view points here.

    And it’s very important for me to say THIS IS ONLY MY PERSONAL VIEW!!!! I completely understand and respect anyone’s opinions to differ from mine.

    We are all so deeply touched by, attached to and affected by the Winchester Brothers in so many different ways that I don’t think there is ONE RIGHT opinion, just a multitude of beautifully complex view points depending on how we relate to the characters.

    SO, with that said, here are my VERY PERSONAL feelings:
    On first watch I liked the episode and ending of our 15-year journey a lot.
    On second watch I have to say I LOVED IT! And I feel the masochistic urge to watch it again just now, but I know I need a break and let it percolate a little first.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely SHOCKED and SICKENED that they would let Dean die so very soon after they finally managed to get out from under the constant manipulation by Chuck and had a whole “normal” hunting life together in front of them!!!! THAT part – the much too short time – is the only part I really resent for the sake of the characters. They could have easily given us the impression that more time passed before the doomed hunt!

    But there was so much I did like about the episode that I was able to deal with the shocking death of my favorite character.

    LOVED the starting montage of normal life at the bunker. (I would have liked a little conversation about “what are we doing to do now that we’re free” “hunting, of course” before that, though)

    LOVED the visit to the pie fest including the pie face and that Dean ate the pie OFF his face as a nice harkening back to fun, silly episodes of the past!

    LOVED every single scene between Sam and Dean – I thought it was excellent dialogue writing and of course J2 knocked it all out of the park.

    LOVED what Jack did in Heaven!! Breaking down all the walls to let people actually have an “AFTER LIFE” and not just a rerun of their favorite memories!! (Would have liked a little more on HOW CAS helped??!!)

    LOVED to have REAL Bobby back!! (I chose to believe everyone else was partying at the Roadhouse – and that Sam and Dean joined the party after meeting up on the bridge. (that was probably the part that got X-d because of covid)

    LOVED that Sam honored Dean’s last request and went on to live a full live (in my head there is no doubt that the woman was EILEEN), had a kid named Dean and obviously indoctrinated that son into the family business (judging by the son’s antipossession tattoo)!!!! He left a Winchester legacy this way! And I find it comforting to know that there is another Winchester in the world with knowledge of the bunker and the friends out there and the able to retell the EPIC story of Sam and Dean’s life (maybe document it).

    LOVED that Dean chose to spend his time in heaven with a joy ride in Baby while waiting for Sam. (And what GORGEOUS drone shots that brought on!!!)

    LOVED that Sam and Dean got back together and now have an eternity of after life together.

    LOVED the chosen music and its placement throughout. GREAT new version of Carry On at the end was haunting and beautiful to me.

    I don’t even mind that a ‘simple’ vampire overpowered Dean (he was a burley SOB!!) and that bad luck during a ‘normal’ hunt killed him (IF HE HAD TO DIE….)!! That, to me, just showed that despite all the immense skill and superior knowledge and outstanding tools they have access to Sam and Dean are still only HUMAN.

    I feel VERY STRONGLY that what made me fall in love with the Winchesters and make them heroes to me is that they are NOT superheroes, can’t fly, don’t have special powers, are scared at times, are vulnerable always, BUT go out and fight and make the world a better place ANYWAY!!! The are relatable that way like no other hero character out there is to me.

    The masks on the vampires didn’t bother me either. To me it symbolized that ANY faceless monster could be the death of our heroes.

    So, there was a lot I very much found touching, thoughtful, heart-wrenching, fitting and compelling about the episode but the scene in the barn preceding Dean’s death was truly blowing my mind and I couldn’t take my eyes off it (even though I SOBBED through it!):
    For me that scene was one of THE BEST EVER on the show because it had the combined weight of fifteen years of rich story lines AND the actors knowledge and love for the characters AND the actors very personal goodbye from these characters behind it!! It’s the most POWERFUL thing I have ever seen AND FELT watching! I love letter between the brothers -on screen and off. Completely open and vulnerable!!!

    Dean’s speech to Sam was INCREDIBLE!!!! Telling Sam that he was his rock all along, that he was scared when he first picked him up for fear of being kicked to the curb, that he looked up to Sam for being smart and tough and strong, that he wouldn’t have made it without him, that he needs him to Always Keep Fighting, that he will always be there with him….it all was PERFECT and things I long “knew” in my heart but was appreciating to hear!!
    Dean has always been the ultimate champion for Sam, out of deep love, and now he was still protective and fighting for Sam until his LAST BREATH, asking for Sam’s permission to go!!! That about KILLED ME!!!! And Jensen is simply a GOD to me. There is no one out there who could have pulled this off better.

    I thought Jared completely held his own as well and ripped my heart out in the barn scene and his lonely wanderings and silent tears in the bunker after.

    Yes, I can freely admit that this was not my ideal ending and I can also say that it would have been VASTLY preferable to me to know that they are still “out there” and protecting the world even if we cannot see them.
    I was also not in great favor to have the brothers separated for so long – especially from Sam’s view.
    But I found it compelling story telling to give Sam that long life and family he didn’t seek but (to me) got to enjoy before reuniting with Dean in Heaven.

    And to me Dean was at peace in Heaven and seemed fulfilled when Sam joined him there.
    Beautifully at peace and done….JUST like the song says.

    I also appreciated the many easter eggs I saw (mostly on second run through):
    – Dabb’s pies was written on the food truck at the Pie Fest
    – Sam and Dean introduced themselves to the police officer as FBI Agents Singer and Kripke
    – Sam was wearing Dean’s watch on his death bed
    – First and last words spoked by (adult) Dean in the entire run of the series were “Hey, Sammy”
    – Baby had her old plates back in heaven
    – Sam and Dean wore the same clothes on the bridge at the end as while hunting in the Pilot.
    I’m sure there were more…

    I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about the writers and creators of the show. And I did not love everyone’s effort and view points equally, BUT NO MATTER if I liked the ending or not, I do not have ANY DOUBT that everyone involved making it put their heart blood into it!!!!

    And I can accept this version of the end of the road for the Winchesters as a carefully crafted artistic expression of the show creators and involved talent with satisfaction and as fitting for our show.