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    Although Sam got a “life” it seemed hollow — like he was never truly happy and spent decades faking having a life and a family. I guess the writers went back to that time when Sam said he wanted a normal life. So they thought it was okay to force Sam to live a whole life away from Dean and away from hunting. But it just felt hollow and empty to me. They were going for a level of sadness these characters didn’t deserve.

    Hey Kate,
    what made it seem hollow and unhappy to you?

    I felt that very differently. I agree that Sam wouldn’t have ever went looking for a family life on his own if Dean was still alive. However Dean has been pushing Sam towards Eileen as a possible partner ever since Eileen came into the picture. So with Dean’s dying wish for Sam to have a live and knowing that Eileen would be a good choice, seeing how she is a hunter herself and Dean liked her too, I can believe that Sam would have given that relationship a go.
    And I got melancholy, but not unhappiness from the Sam life montage.
    Like when he climbed into the Impala as a old man for example, it felt to me like he was feeling close to Dean there and that he missed him and that he maybe was “telling” Dean that he wouldn’t have to wait much longer, but he did not seem generally unhappy or suicidal to me.

    I am very sorry that it felt wrong and depressing to you!!!!!