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    Hi Guys,

    I understood the restoration of humanity Jack-God performed last week to have all vanished people reappear. Therefore I would assume that Donna, Jodi, the girls, AU hunters, AU Charlie, AU Bobby (and the Doppelgangers) are all still in the world. Many of them know about the bunker. And I can believe that Sam would place a key with Donna or Jodi or maybe AU Bobby.

    I didn’t understand as Sam walking away from the bunker forever. To me he definitely moved out, it being too painful to be there alone, but I would assume he would come back for the resources when needed. And I would have expected him to show his son.

    I understand Sam’s son to be the main legacy now.

    I also found it heartwarming for Donna to send work Sam’s way, no doubt in an effort to prevent him from giving up hunting completely.

    I believe the Winchesters had enough chosen family left in the world and had influenced enough lives through their work that there are always people out there to carry on their legacy and work.