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    December 28, 2022 at 6:32 pm #35380

    Another GOOD one.  A quite multifaceted look at old age and what we are willing to do or not do with or against it.

    WITCHES…hehe. No wonder that Dean despises them. I do enjoy that the many different witches we had on the show over the years all operate differently and for different reasons. And this case with the exchange of life force through Magic Poker was a nice new idea.

    I also appreciate the idea that these witches are not just straight up evil but there is a strange moral code to what Patrick does. The game isn’t rigged. There is a fair chance of winning, as much as gambling is ever fair. It’s an odd gray area but makes it hard to simply condemn them.

    Of course, I LOVE all of the snappy dialogue in this episode. Bobby and Old Dean grumping at each other is wonderful. However, there is also a lot of heart and real emotion in it.

    Bobby’s desperation about his own situation and how he’s no longer useful, is truly heart-breaking. And the resulting conversation at the end with Dean and Bobby is so incredibly deep and real it makes my insides squirm. Before Bobby breaks the tension with his awesome line about “growing lady parts” that is. Just the perfect balance (again) and watching them together is magic!

    Dean and the Busty Asian Beauties…hahaha. Funny how he can’t keep from flirting with the prostitutes and then again with the maid….just that one doesn’t go so well. HAHA.

    How DID Bobby get to town, btw?? He picks up car keys….but he’s in a wheelchair… Is the van wheelchair ready? Maybe I missed that.

    Dean’s NOT loving the preview at old age is too funny. WHO WOULD…? Interesting that it doesn’t really change his behavior afterwards, though. It’s not like he’s turning into a vegetarian after this episode.

    Do we know if the older actor studied a few episodes to really nail Dean’s maneurisms? Either way, he’s doing a bang-up job.

    I really like that SAM is the one basically saving Dean’s life and the day with his poker prowess….especially because that’s probably something he learned FROM Dean! Poor Jared is sweating by the end of the poker game, though.

    Wouldn’t the reversal of the spell also kill Patrick? Or was he always keeping everything is such balance that he’s more or less immortal?

    Good one!