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    November 21, 2020 at 3:26 am #3544

    Hi PNP,

    I am not replying to rain on your parade. As I was reading your thoughts and feelings, I found myself happy for your respective and applauding the end.

    Just a couple of thoughts as they occurred to me while reading. As a send off and the inevitable conclusion to the lives of mortal men, it was lovely.

    The problem for me is what preceded it. A year or even 2 where Sam and Dean were mortals in cosmic chaos with no self-diection, agency or importance. They were forgotten and then they died. That is what I cannot forgive. A sweet afterthought of a sendoff does not mitigate 2 years of absence. I feel Dean dying in this very accidental way could have played in earlier seasons, but not this one. Chuck was retconned from benign God who stepped aside to let his baby grow up with freewill and morality. Even though we did not know of Chuck specifically, we always believed as Sam and Dean always believed that it was their will, their strength, their love of family and humanity that enabled them to be mortal heroes. The retcon of Chuck destroyed that. We saw them incompetent as a meta joke. So, Dean dying by accident within days of eliminating Chuck sends an entirely different message. Not that I accept that message or this season. But, the message remains, nonetheless. Without divine intervention these hapless mortals could never have accomplished anything. The writers didn’t allow Sam and Dean to get through one single hunt, that they have been doing for years, without one of them dying, without Chuck or Jack aka the writers protection. This season wasn’t about Sam and Dean or any of the characters. It was about the writers. Meta and vindictive over resentment of failed spinoffs. Again, any other season it could end with a fitting and poetic bereavement. But NOT this one.