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    November 21, 2020 at 5:14 pm #3546

    “I understood the restoration of humanity Jack-God performed last week to have all vanished people reappear. Therefore I would assume that Donna, Jodi, the girls, AU hunters, AU Charlie, AU Bobby (and the Doppelgangers) are all still in the world. Many of them know about the bunker. And I can believe that Sam would place a key with Donna or Jodi or maybe AU Bobby.

    I didn’t understand as Sam walking away from the bunker forever. To me he definitely moved out, it being too painful to be there alone, but I would assume he would come back for the resources when needed. And I would have expected him to show his son.

    I understand Sam’s son to be the main legacy now.”

    But that’s just it, PNP. We didn’t actually see any of this. And it would’ve been very easy to add to the montage if the writers wanted us to know these things happened.

    When Dean was preparing to say yes to Michael in “Point of No Return”, he put all his personal items (leather jacket, etc.) in a box addressed to Bobby Singer. In the final montage for “Carry On”, they could have shown Sam packing the bunker’s key into a box and preparing to mail it to Jody or Donna. THAT would have shown us that he was leaving the bunker and all its contents to other hunters. When Sam left with the dog, he took a long look around, like he was saying goodbye forever. And we saw all those shots of Sam with his son, but there’s no indication to me that little Dean became a hunter. He had an anti-possession tattoo, but that just means Sam wanted to protect him. That doesn’t say to me that he was a hunter. It also would’ve been VERY easy to show a clip of Sam showing his son around the bunker. The absence of something that easy makes me believe that little Dean had a “normal” life and had nothing to do with hunting.

    By the way, I’m VERY glad they didn’t destroy the bunker at the end. That would’ve made this episode suck even more than it did.