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    “If SAM had died, Dean would been undone or suicidal, I think. He would have become, I think, harder or more self-destructive.”

    I’m curious to hear what everyone else thinks, but I think that if Sam had died, Dean would’ve kept hunting. Dean has always been more committed to the “family business” than Sam has. Dean’s never willingly walked away from that commitment to save people. I think Dean would’ve considered it an obligation to John, Sam, and everyone else who has supported them along the way to keep hunting.

    In contrast, Sam has spent most of his life running from that responsibility. He seemed to turn around by season 10, when he told Charlie that hunting is his life and he loves it, but he doesn’t want to do it without his brother.

    Interestingly, while Dean was dying this time, he had plenty of time to tell Sam to find a nice girl and settle down, but he didn’t. He told Sam to “always keep fighting”. That could’ve been interpreted as Dean asking Sam to keep hunting, or simply to keep “living”. I guess that debate will go on forever, like so many others.


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