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    November 21, 2020 at 5:49 pm #3552

    “I know it appeared that he and his family lived in a totally different house (obviously not the bunker), but Sam’s son was also obviously a hunter with the anti-possession tattoo OR at least Sam had to tell him enough about hunting to understand why he had to get that tattoo. I took that as his son being SOME kind of hunter or at least knowledgeable. In my mind, the bunker became a resource. In my mind, it wasn’t that Sam never went back, it’s that he could not live there without Dean.”

    I watched that montage a few more times, and I didn’t see any evidence that little Dean was a hunter. Yes, he had an anti-possession tattoo, but that just says to me that Sam wanted to protect him. Mrs. Tran and Chuck Shurley’s book publisher both have tattoos, and they weren’t hunters.

    If little Dean was a hunter, it would’ve been really easy to show us that. I looked closely at the books that were on the table when Sam was helping little Dean with his homework. One of the books had an American flag on the cover, so I’m guessing it was a history book. They could’ve easily made that an old-looking lore book, or John’s journal, or (gulp) the Book of the Damned — anything to show that it was about the supernatural. But they didn’t. The Impala stayed in the garage under a dusty tarp. Her trunk was FULL of weapons and warded against demons. It would’ve made sense to show Sam with his son in the car or at least looking into the trunk to make sure the kid knew what was in there. They didn’t show us any of that.

    I don’t think little Dean was a hunter. I agree that Sam left the bunker because living there was too painful. But I don’t see any evidence that he did anything related to hunting (after that last case for Donna’s colleague, of course). I think he walked away and kept his son out of the life, too.

    Considering hunting killed Dean, I can understand Sam wanting to keep his son out of the life. I completely forgive Sam if that was his choice. However, walking away from all his knowledge, abandoning the wealth of artifacts and lore in the bunker, not passing John’s journal onto another hunter — all of that seems like an unforgivable waste to me.


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