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    November 22, 2020 at 6:16 am #3553

    Hi PNP.

    Yes, I really do believe that Sam and Dean were intended to be only as good as God’s armor, aka Dabb and his team of chapped ass monkeys.

    Dabb etal were told specifically by the CW president that there will never be any spinoffs. “Viewers watch for Sam and Dean.” I am sure that Dabb went about determined to demonstrate that it is THE WRITERS that make the show, and that Sam and Dean are irrelevant.

    Season 14 focused almost exclusively on Jack. Sam and Dean mostly wrong their hands over Jack’s various stages oh health. When their was something heroic to be done, Jack took care of it, not Sam and Dean. Or Kaia took care of it; a wayward sister dispelled Michael from Dean. Jack killed the Ouroboros, Michael’s monsters, Michael, Nick, and sent Lucifer back to the Empty.
    During Moriah, it was made clear, by retconning Chuck into a psychopathic obsessed writer, that Sam and Dean were controlled, puppets, which further reduces them.

    Season 15 continues to make Sam and Dean largely ineffective with Jack starring as Belphegor the hero who saves them and the town, while they stand around and watch. Although Sam and Dean helped a little, sort of, Rowena saved the day when Jack as Belphegor and Castiel’s mission to save the day…failed. while we were forced to trudge through the next few episodes, while waiting for Jack, Sam and Dean mostly sat around the Bunker until Adam/Michael showed up and snapped his finger creating a rift to Purgatory and Sam foolishly got trapped. Dean fell asleep in Purgatory while Sam was tied to a chair. I suppose other things happened while waiting for Jack. I’m sure they involved other people’s ingenuity and cheap spells, and none of it involved Sam and Dean’s input, hard work, knowledge or skill. I simply can’t remember what it was except…

    For this. The Heroes Journey. Sam and Dean can’t cook, fix a car, pick a look or take out a monster. It doesnt matter that they “won” their luck back. The implication was reinforced in that episode, as well by calling years of hardworking honing their skill and knowledge “LUCK.” We saw that and heard that for 2 consecutive episodes. Reaffirming the idea that Sam and Dean operate on luck or God’s aka the writer.

    So on and so on, with useless Sam and Dean sitting around with nothing to do but be Messengers of God’s Destruction,while waiting for Billie or Jack to save the day. And the Jack saves the day and Chuck is replaced. He is replaced by Jack, who coincidently has the same hands off philosophy that Chuck did before they retconned him. This is compounded by Rowena nixing demon deals; no help there. Castiel is gone; no help there. Sam and Dean can’t collectively survive one hunt on their own.

    So, yes, that is exactly what I am saying.