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    Hi JBB,

    I love all of your points about watching the Pilot without trying to be influenced by the end of the road. I was worried, too. And just like you I found the worry unnecessary in the end.

    I have watched the entire series several times over the years, but I STILL find new things each time and enjoy it every time. This time was no different.

    I always wondered why the pilot never got a episode name. It’s just PILOT. Huh.

    From the start I was pulled into the episode. Captivated by what was unfolding. It never lost it’s grip on me.

    What immediately got me was the feel of the show. It was dark, gritty, pretty brutal straight from the beginning, but also had a distinct tone of relatability. These were NORMAL people with screwed up problems and the grit to try and solve them.

    To me, as an immigrant to this country AND as a travel professional, the AMERICANA the show exuded right from the start was another HUGE point of interest. The back roads, motels, smaller towns, classic car, classic rock….I mean, wow, what’s NOT to like??

    And then there was the brother’s connection. It never even occurred to me that they looked nothing alike, the completely natural way they were interacting with each other made me believe they were brothers. The head slapping, bumping each other, stomping on a foot, glaring at each other….it was all there and all seemed to speak of YEARS of knowing each other. For two young actors to pull that off so immediately was IMPRESSIVE and still gets me today.

    But there was also immediately the impression that both of them had layers and depth and a vulnerability that promised for very interesting character development.

    BECAUSE of all of that the story made sense. The dialogue wasn’t strange, the situations seemed believable. It was MAGIC.

    I thought at first that Dean was a pretty cocky jerk, BUT that there had to be more to it than that. Here was a 26 year old “kid” hunting monsters on his own, reluctantly asking his brother for help? And there is the younger brother, in Stanford of all places, reluctantly going off with his older bro to find their dad and figure out what might have gotten him? WOW. there had to be so much more to the story.

    Nowadays I get the biggest smile on my face looking at the two of them being so young!! Their voices were much higher! Jared seemed almost like a teen still, puppy fat and lack of definition. And Jensen….well, of course, he was completely STUNNING from the start. HAHA.

    One thing I had kinda forgotten is how many catch phrases were immediately coined in the Pilot! All things that became immediately t-shirt worthy like the “Driver picks the music….”; “Jerk” & “Bitch” and others.

    Another thing that was immediately apparent is that the guest actors casting was well done. There was no wasted character in this episode, from the teenagers to the police officers to the creepy motel clerk to the actual “monster”. I love Sarah Shahi, the actress playing the Woman in White, in many of her future projects and love to be able to always know that she was in the pilot.

    The horror aspect of this show was also great. The special effects seemed pretty elaborate for a TV show – before special effects were easy and cheap to achieve. The case was spooky. The action from the first fight in the dark to the driverless car attack to the fight with the Woman in White at the end including crashing a car into a house….WOW….nicely done and exciting.

    Watching it again now the pilot has not lost any of it appeal or special fascination for me. Even aside from my love for the show I think it holds up as one fine episode of TV all these years later!!