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    January 15, 2023 at 8:46 pm #38277

    Couldn’t agree with ALL you said more! So I won’t repeat any of it. What a masterful episode!!

    A few additional thoughts:

    I loved Crowley’s introduction. His snark, his confidence, his style, his pad. And they couldn’t have chosen better than Mark S.!!

    Love that Crowley is watching horrible things like Hitler for entertainment!

    Jo looked HOT in that little black number and played the damsel in distress perfectly before she totally kicks ass!

    Crowley’s way to give Sam and Dean JUST enough info to be useful tools, but not enough to hurst him is so fun to watch.

    And I love watching how even Dean’s legendary lack of reverence at strong supernatural beings fails him here just a little bit when meeting Crowley. HA!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the scenes at Bobby’s house!!! And our recreation of that final photo is sitting on my night stand and gives me so much joy every day!!! Making it AND seeing it! Thank you for all involved!

    And I have a TON of respect for the writers that they NEVER made Dean and Jo into anything more than a fun flirt and a crash and burn for Dean. Amazing how Jo teases Dean and THEN shoots him down! All that made the final kiss THAT much more emotionally valid and important!

    GREAT pan shot from behind Cas making an empty street into a Reaper filled one.

    Mark P.’s early portrayal of Lucifer’s utter contempt for human kind is chilling.

    There are SO MANY important players in this episode it’s astounding.

    I remember being SHOCKED that Ellen and Jo both died in this episode. They had so much more story in them. Yes, their deads made a deep impact on Sam and Dean, but I still think that killing them wasn’t necessary to drive the story forward. What a sad waste, as amazingly touching and impactful as those scenes were. It really felt like mother/daughter energy for me. It is so HARD to watch!

    GREAT make up on Jo, making her all grey and looking like she lost a lot of blood.

    Dean reaching out to Bobby and his relief at hearing his voice and looking for reassurance is a GREAT scene. All of the characters seem so incredibly real in these scenes.

    There is NOTHING more scary than seeing your one and only chance fail. And you can see that on the guys’ faces. Especially after what they just lost.  That was a shocker.

    I also LOVE that after the initial shock wears off – or at least Sam believes he is not in immediate danger – he goes straight back into research mode and asks Lucifer some questions. That is brave, too.

    Pretty ruthless of Cas to use Meg as a bridge over the Holy Fire. HA!

    Bobby shouldn’t have burned the photo at the end, but I get that it stood in for a hunter’s funeral they weren’t able to have for Jo and Ellen! And I love that no words were spoken in the last scene!