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    December 6, 2020 at 12:54 pm #3852

    I am trying hard to watch the episodes this time around with the intent NOT to let “God’s plan” or “God’s writing” color my view.

    I want to watch it discovering things I might have overlooked in the past. I want to watch the Winchesters grow and change and have their horizons expand.

    I do not believe that all that was GOD’s doing!! I will stick with that opinion through out. God might have set the general outline and scenarios, God might have played the long story arc of getting the Winchester brothers born and put on the playing field for the apocalypse. He might have put road blocks in place that forced the brothers’ hand BUT I truly believe that their actual actions, their growth and their gained experience is THEIR OWN.

    In my opinion they influenced their story as much if not more than God ever did.