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    December 9, 2020 at 2:41 pm #3876

    I’ve always thought Wendigo was a fun, early-season episode.

    I liked the monster! I even thought the way they filmed it was creative — not showing us enough of the monster for us to really see that it was a skinny guy in a rubber suit. Later, I was reminded of how DIRECTOR Jensen chose to not really show us the llamia in “Weekend at Bobby’s”. We only ever saw the shadow, but we got the gist of the monster. A similar technique was used in “Shadow”, when we only saw the demon’s shadow move across the wall. It’s a nice, low-budget way to NOT show us too much of the monster, which helps make it scarier.

    Right away, I appreciated how Dean understood the relevance of John’s leaving his journal behind. Dean has always been quick on the uptake, and this was no exception. That scene when he reminds Sam of their mission is a classic.

    I’ve never been camping, but I don’t like bugs or the idea of peeing in the woods and wiping my hoo-hah with leaves. So, I’m gonna leave camping to the experts. I’m a day-hiker and I’m okay with that 🙂

    I’m amused (more now than I was years ago) that the Winchesters got away with posing as feds, rangers, etc. when they were really young. I mean come on! Jared still had pimples 🙂

    I’d love to know if the interior of the abandoned mine was a set, or an actual mine. It looked VERY believable!! I immediately got an appreciation for the darkness, dampness, and claustrophobic tightness of that space. If it was a set that they built from scratch, Bravo!

    I think my favorite scene is when Donnely Rhodes (who plays the guy who survived being attacked as a kid) is telling the brothers what happened to him. To me, that scene is CLASSIC Supernatural at its best. If I scared easily, that scene would’ve scared me. It’s not easy to do, but sometimes describing a horrific thing is scarier than actually seeing/hearing the thing, because our imaginations are good at filling in the gaps. This scene worked very well for me in that way.

    On to Lake Manitoc 🙂

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