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    December 9, 2020 at 3:05 pm #3878

    “This one shows yet another sweet side of Dean (I sure remembered him being more of a cocky jerk in season 1 – no wonder I fell in love with him so hard – he’s not a jerk at all!). He can’t leave the situation alone even when the sheriff threatens him and Sam with arrest. He has to turn around and go back to check on Lucas (just in time for Sam to save Lucas’ mom from death in the tub!). Even if Dean doesn’t love kids, he remembers what it was like to be one; to be scared; and he can’t let poor Lucas suffer. Funny that compassionate Sam is the one ready to take off in this case (as he really wants to find John).”

    That’s very interesting! I never saw Dean as the cocky one — quite the opposite. To me, Dean’s external bravado was a cover. Even as a small child, he was never allowed to be afraid. He always had to be brave for Sam and obedient to John. So, if you slap that on top of a big, fat dose of low self esteem, it’s clear that Dean isn’t self-assured at all. Yes, he’s a hit with the ladies, and he has confidence in some of his hunting skills, but at the end of the day, he’s the guy who never shows fear or insecurity because it’s simply not allowed.

    In contrast, Sam came across as the cocky one to me. He likes talking about how smart and well-educated he is, how he doesn’t want to follow anybody else’s rules, and how — at 22 years old — he wants to take charge of his own life. That sounds like cockiness and arrogance to me. Yes, Sam is socially awkward around women, but that’s not because of humility.

    I thought it was sweet that Dean connected so well with Lucas. Dean clearly remembered watching his mother die violently, so I’m sure he immediately understood what Lucas was going through. I remember (years ago) reading an excerpt from John Winchester’s journal. It talked about how, right after Mary’s death, Dean didn’t talk for months. He also refused to sleep unless he was in Sam’s crib with him, because even back then he was laser-focused on keeping his little brother safe. I don’t even have words for such mature devotion in such a young child.

    As you said, JBB – of COURSE we fell in love with Dean Winchester. How could we not?