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    December 9, 2020 at 3:33 pm #3880

    I remember liking this one, and I still do!!

    I’ve always liked Amy Acker, from her days on “Angel”. I loved her in this episode. She plays sweet country girl so well!

    I liked the ghost story, but was hoping they’d tell us more about why Lucas was having death visions. They implied that sometimes traumatized people/children can become more sensitive to psychic energy, but every time I watch this episode, I find myself wanting more of an explanation. Did the visions go away when he started speaking again? Was the ghost speaking through Lucas via his drawings, sort of using Lucas as a conduit? If so, the ghost was TELLING Lucas who was going to die next, which is a terrible idea if revenge murders are your plan.

    I also thought they made interesting use of the idea that losing a child is worse than death. They said it twice. I get that the ghost was punishing the people who’d murdered him by killing their children first (since that’s a punishment worse than death) before killing them. Sam said as much. But does anyone else think that’s a pretty mature approach for a child ghost to take? And how does a dead child know what his mother is going through? I liked that they made the point, but I guess I wanted more connection.

    This one was nicely paced and had nice tension. I agree with you, JBB! I’m glad Dean couldn’t leave because he knew Lucas was afraid and had been trying to tell him something.

    I thought it was really cute that Dean blushed a little and got a bit flustered after the kiss at the end. We don’t get too many “Aww shucks” moments from Dean Winchester. This one was sweet.

    We’re flying next week, right?