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    December 12, 2020 at 8:16 pm #3933

    “Sam had left the family business and was pursuing a normal life; whereas Dean was completely involved in that life. There is no reason to tell Jessica.”

    Hello, my friend!
    LOL! Yes, we’ve disagreed about Sam aplenty, haven’t we?
    I wonder about this point, though. Sam often defends himself by saying he left John and Dean to go to college, so he wasn’t running away. That makes me question whether he truly would’ve stayed away forever if things had gone differently. As close as he and Dean were, and as much as Sam must have known Dean cared about him, I doubt Sam would’ve walked away from Dean forever. That means that at some point, Jessica would’ve met Dean and Sam would’ve had to lie over and over again about who Dean was and what he did for a living. (Side note, it always saddens me when Dean says that he stayed away from Sam for two whole years and never even tried to call or contact him. That must have broken his heart. He loved Sam so much…)

    Also, this show has always been heavy on parallels. Mary thought she’d walked away from hunting forever, so she never told John who she truly was or anything about her past. That ended disastrously for their family. Although Sam had no way of knowing about Mary’s deal at that point, I can’t help but think his secret from Jessica could only have ended as tragically.

    “He lost a mom that he never really knew and left a family whose soul purpose was to fight evil while avenging his mother’s horrible nightmarish death. Dreaming that Jessica would die the same way could have been interpreted as fear of losing her too. He had no understanding that these were visions or any reason to believe they were anything but manifestations of fear.”
    Shouldn’t Sam have thought it odd that 22 years after his mother’s death (which he never witnessed, so he wasn’t traumatized in the same way Dean was) and after being with Jessica for 2 years, he’d suddenly start having visions (according to Sam, several in a few days) of Jess burning up on the ceiling? I get not completely understanding what was happening, but to this day I can’t imagine why he thought ignoring those visions was a smart move.