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    Lol Yes we do! On a side note as to dreams. We are told they are not prophetic, but manifestations of fears larger than life and seldom have anything to do with what is realistically going on. It could have been a reflection of Sam’s guilt in having undeserved happiness. You know that feeling you have that someone is staring at you? Then you turn around and someone is!!!!. That’s the one you remember. You don’t remember the times when no one was. I guess my point is that of all the things that could have been with respect to guilt or anxiety…this is a horror show. So, of course.

    As far as telling Jessixa. If he were actively involved in that life, it would be a disservice not to tell her. I felt similarly when Dean kept his concerns from Lisa in season 6. She has a right to protect herself and her son from whatever might be out there. Get out of town or something. But, that complete innocence for Jessica being shaken and taken when there was no reason for Sam to unnecessarily frighten her.

    I genuinely believe that Michael wiped Mary’s mind. I certainly don’t believe the hideous retcon in season 12. Seeing Azazel in the nursery would have triggered a memory. Much like those who have amnesia can have memories triggered suddenly. I’m sure she remembered she was raised a hunter. But, that was a long long time ago and a life she wanted nothing to do with. There is nothing in my past that I feel the need to distance myself from or keep others away from. So, I can’t say whether or not Mary should have told John about her childhood or Sam should have told Jessica about his. To ordinary people it would seem like a hell of a traumatic story to lay at their feet if no longer part of it and safely, presumably, away from it.

    Honestly, I was so taken by these two brothers and there obvious bond, I quickly forgot there was ever any distance between them. The acting and writing were superb. That they quickly became like brothers in real life doesn’t surprise me.